Animations -- View animations that explain flooding, river management and navigation. Requires Flash plug-in.

Panoramas -- View 360 degree panoramas of areas along the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers. Requires QuickTime plug-in.

Where Do They Live? -- Test your knowledge of plants and animals found in the Mississippi River system. How much do you know about different environments near the river? As you play the game, you'll increase your understanding of the river and its impact on plants and animals.

RiverWeb Coloring Book -- This coloring book is a fun way for children to use the RiverWeb website. As they explore the site, they'll get to know the river and some of the animals that live by the river.

Create your own Story Book -- The story book helps children apply what they've discovered on the RiverWeb website. After looking through the site, they can create clever and original river stories that explain the pictures.